Sony's BRAVIA KDL-26M4000/R LCD HDTV reviewed

With all the big screen flat-panels cluttering up the HDTV arena, one may wonder if anyone's even paying attention to consumers clamoring for LCDs that can be handled by fewer than four burly gentlemen. Sony's BRAVIA KDL-26M4000/R is one set that fits better in a bedroom than a den, with a 26-inch panel and a 1,366 x 768 resolution. The gurus over at PC World were able to take the mid-sized set for a spin, and while it found that some tweaking was necessary out of the box in order to get the best possible HD quality, things were pretty swell once calibration was over. The built-in ATSC / NTSC / ClearQAM tuner did its job admirably well, and it also did a fantastic job of making SD content look as bearable as possible. The biggest knock against it was the price, which shouldn't be surprising for anyone who follows MSRPs of Sony TVs, as critics felt most folks would be happier spending less for similar sets.