Memorex SingStand iPod karaoke mic critiqued and in the wild

Sadly (very, very sadly, in fact), this isn't the first device we've seen that poorly attempts to mix your iPod into a karaoke-type device, which probably means you'll be glancing right over it. Memorex's recently released SingStand MKS-SS1 Microphone and Speaker System was apprehended and photographed by the iPod fanatics at iLounge, and while the powered speaker base, auxiliary input for an additional microphone / instrument and the audio controls were swell, the lackluster iPod integration sort of left the critic wondering why Cupertino's darling was even associated. And seriously, are you really considering spending $70 on this with Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band 2 widely available and able to satisfy your off-key singing desires? No, no you are not.