Mio said to be prepping GPS-enabled 3.5G touchscreen handset for Q1 2009

Not that Mio hasn't pumped out a GPS phone or two before, but the rarely-heard-from handset maker is reportedly on its way to delivering its first 3.5G touchscreen-based GPS phone in Q1 2009. Undisclosed sources singled out at DigiTimes have it that the mobile will be powered by a 3.5G chipset from Qualcomm and will come loaded with Mitac's self-developed "Spirit" touch interface. Additionally, it'll pack a 3.2-megapixel camera and should launch ahead of Garmin's oft-delayed nüvifone. In related news, Mio is also scheduled to launch a GPS-packin' MID before Q1 2009 ends, though it's still unclear if it'll choose a 7- or 8-inch panel to accompany the 3G radio and Windows CE operating system. Riveting stuff, huh?

[Via GPSTracklog]