Video proof of Jaspers with 256MB internal memory

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X3F tipster Stuart has sent us some more photo evidence that new Xbox 360 units are shipping with 256MB of internal memory. Stuart recently purchased a new Xbox 360 Arcade unit to replace a broken unit when he noticed that it didn't include a 256MB Memory Unit as they have in the past.

Having hooked up his old 512MB Memory Unit and his old hard drive, he noticed that another storage option was listed on his Xbox. As you can see in the image above, there are storage options for the hard drive, the memory unit, and a third option titled MU. The third option lists 214MB of usable space, which is in line with what we reported over the weekend. It also appears that this unit contains a Jasper chipset, as our tipster claims it came with a 150W power adapter (one of the supposed marks of a Jasper unit). [Update: Looks like it's actually a 175W power supply]

As if that wasn't enough, YouTube user BRB100779 has posted a video showing off the same memory screen and has gone to exhaustive links to prove that the image on the screen is legitimate. Find the video after the break.

We've contacted Microsoft for comment and will update this post when we receive more information.

[Thanks, Stuart J]