JVC's iPod-lovin' LT-47P789 LCD HDTV gets in-depth review

It's nearly time for JVC to drop yet another iPod dock-infused HDTV on us at CES 2009 (just a guess, is all), but for those looking for the model first introduced in January 2008, here's a bit of introspective. If you'll recall, we already heard pretty positive things about the 42-inch version of this same set, but AV Revolution took things much, much deeper with its look at the 47-inch LT-47P789. We'll save the details for those who care, but the long and short of it is this: in the case of this particular unit, "neither the TV's performance nor the TeleDock implementation is as good as it could be." That said, the street price of around $1,500 isn't half bad, and while it won't put a smile on the face of a videophile, it should function just fine as an "everyday or second-room TV" for those who can't seem to escape their iPod.