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Bluetooth 2.2 spec could be released as early as mid-2009 (Updated)

According to CNET, it looks like Bluetooth 2.2 will see the light of day sometime in mid-2009. Designed to work in tandem with other wireless technologies already present in many devices, the spec will be referred to either as Bluetooth 10x (working in conjunction with WiFi) and Bluetooth 100x (working with UWB). Something like this should good news for manufacturers of PMPs and handsets, expanding the range of possibilities to include Bluetooth media streaming and much larger file transfers. On the other hand, perhaps the new spec will finally herald the age of the Bluetooth viruses the doomsayers have been hollerin' about. No matter what happens, it shouldn't be too long before we find out.

Update: Apparently, this was only according to CNET. According to SIG's PR: "We're... trying to find the source for this story as it is incorrect. We have made no such announcement recently and 2.2 was never intended as a name for the next spec." It looks like someone pulled this info out of thin air -- we'll keep you posted if we hear otherwise. Thanks, Eric!