Coby prepping sub-$100 7- / 9-inch PoqetMate netbooks UPDATE: It's a hoax

We'd argue that 7-inches is bordering on UMPC / MID territory, but given that Coby's PoqetMate-7 is expected to boast a full QWERTY keyboard and a chassis like that of most traditional laptops, we suppose it'll pass. Reportedly, the company is looking to enter the increasingly crowded netbook market next March with the aforementioned PoqetMate-7 and PoqetMate-9, with the youngin' checking in at just $99.95. So, what will a nickle under a Benjamin buy you? A miniaturized laptop with a Chinese-sourced Loongson processor, though specifications outside of that are still under wraps.

Update: Our pal Ross Rubin noticed that his quote was two years old and did some digging -- yeah, this looks like a hoax through and through. So much for that.

[Via thegadgetsite]