Leica introducing special edition M8.2, D-Lux 4, C-Lux 3 cameras

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Donald Melanson
December 5th, 2008
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Leica introducing special edition M8.2, D-Lux 4, C-Lux 3 cameras
It's just been a few months since Leica rolled out its standard issue M8.2, D-Lux 4, and C-Lux 3 digital cameras, but it looks like the company is already set to enter the special edition fray, with new, somewhat "limited" versions of each apparently set to roll out over the next few weeks. That includes two special edition versions of the M8.2, one with a Hammertone finish and one with a "green safari" finish, as well as a limited titanium edition of the D-Lux 4 that also comes with a presumably pricey leather case (it'll run $1,400). Slightly less limited is the Zadig & Voltaire-designed C-Lux 3 pictured at right, which is apparently the first of the lot to become available and, at just €670 (or just under $850), one of the cheapest.

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