Cowon's S9 PMP delayed for US? (Updated: official date, price, pics)

We've received no official word either way on this, but all the signs are currently pointing to a delay for the US launch of Cowon's S9. The undoubtedly sexy PMP is still set to launch in South Korea this month, but unspecified "production problems" are reportedly responsible for pushing the Stateside shipment back. So, when can we Americans expect to have a US version in our palms? We figuring (and hoping) it'll hit sometime around January at the latest -- any longer than that and we might have to cash in these frequent flier miles for a round-trip jaunt to Seoul.

Update: Cowon just issued a press release with date, pricing, and more pictures of the UI and hardware. Starting December 16th, the S9 will be available in Korea in 4GB / 8GB / 16GB capacities for 219,000 won ($150), 259,000 won ($178), and 309,000 won ($212), respectively. Still no word on rest of world releases.
[Via Anything but iPod, thanks Waroxy F.]