Maemo 5 OS gets pre-alpha release, specs beyond your wildest imaginings

We've known since September that Nokia's next round of Internet Tablets would be using Maemo 5 OS, and now that the SDK is out we've got some more details for you. The 100 percent open source, pre-alpha release features a new kernel, new components, and supports cellular data connectivity, hi-def cameras, hardware-based graphic acceleration and OMAP3. In addition to all that, the Maemo Community reports that a soon-to-be revamped UI and a new multimedia framework (called "Midas") are in the works. Exciting, no? If you really want to get your hands dirty, hit the read link and soak in all the geeky detail.

Update: As some commenters (and a tipster) have pointed out, Midas is the new multimedia framework, not Ohm. Thanks for the heads-up!

[Via Internet Tablet Talk]