Microsoft Vista Ultimate gets the (PRODUCT) RED treatment

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.08.08

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Microsoft Vista Ultimate gets the (PRODUCT) RED treatment
It's not like (PRODUCT) RED versions of Windows Vista haven't been shipping on associated systems for months now, but for those who'd prefer to keep the rig they have and just get a colorful / charitable upgrade to Microsoft's latest OS, this is for you. Listed on the official (PRODUCT) RED website and up for pre-order now at Amazon, the special edition of Windows Vista Ultimate is slated to ship on December 15th. There's not too many extras here to make you splurge for a second copy (a few new wallpapers and a big warm, fuzzy feeling are definitely nice, though), but those looking to get a new OS and support the push to end AIDS in Africa can buy in now for $219.95 ($64.95 for students).

[Via iStartedSomething, thanks Long Z.]

Read - (PRODUCT) RED website
Read - Pre-order at Amazon
Read - Pre-order for students
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