Walmart iPhone probably happening, probably not for $99

We've been hearing rumors of an iPhone at Walmart for a while now, and the only thing that was even mildly interesting about the unlikely pairing was that there was supposedly going to be a $99 4GB model. Well, now we hear that they'll indeed be selling the phone, but (as the ad above would seem to indicate) it's going to be a $197 8GB model -- about 2 bucks cheaper than you can get them for at an Apple or AT&T store, with no mention of a 4GB version at all. So, you're telling us we're going to be able to get this phone for (almost) exactly the same price as before, but now we can buy it at a store where we can also pick up Slim-Fast in bulk and possibly die in a retail trampling? We'll pass.

[Thanks, Mike H., Via PC World]