Black Friday sales decline for the first year ever

Doesn't look like Black Friday escaped the sad face known as the US economy -- the NPD Group just ran the numbers and found that overall sales during the weekend after Thanksgiving went down eight percent from 2007, which is the first decline ever. Of course, maybe we'd have all been tempted to buy more if the bargains weren't all so totally lame -- there was no way we were going out there to face the crazy murderous rush to get $5 off a 1GB flash drive or whatever. That said, sales of laptops went up 19 percent, and 30-inch and larger LCD TVs went up 18 percent, so things weren't entirely gloomy, but NPD says Black Friday might be turning into more of a showcase event rather than a blitzkrieg holiday shopping kickoff, which would be just fine with us -- don't worry, we'll still give away tons of gear. We love you, after all.