NES controller, CD-ROM reconstituted as security system

Sure, this isn't the first homebrew security system we've seen, but as long as there are nosey little sisters in the world, there will be a need for this sort of project. Based on the Arduino, the NoKES (NintendO Keyless Entry System) allows the user to set an entry code, which will then have to be entered via the retro-hip NES controller in order to unlock the door. The deadbolt itself is moved by a CD tray, and if you enter the wrong code, attempt to disable the device, or just stop by and knock on the door you'll get your picture taken. Sounds like just the thing to keep those valuable comic books and He-Man action figures out of harm's way while you're off earning your Copyright Activity Badge. Hit the read link for step-by-step instructions, and be sure to check out the demo video after the break.