VIA's ARTIGO A2000 wants to be your own private server

VIA's new ARTIGO A2000 is a low-power barebones masquerading as a miniscule server. The squat PC features a 1.5GHz VIA C7-D CPU atop the company's VX800 chipset, a whopping single slot for DDR2 RAM (up to 2GB), two 3.5-inch SATA II drive bays, bootable CF support, gigabit Ethernet (as well as an optional 802.11b/g module), a slew of USB ports, and the rest of the familiar jacks, nozzles, and switches. The company is aiming the system squarely at BitTorrenters and those in need of lightweight file serving, and with supposedly low-noise fan and small power footprint, we can't say we disagree. No word on price or street date -- but you'll know more when we do.

Update: Looks like the ARTIGO's going to sell for $299 and that it'll be available by the end of January of 2009.

[Via SlashGear]