Ericsson and Intel developing remote kill switch with GPS locator for stolen laptops

While a power-on password and encrypted drive in your laptop could protect your data in the event of theft, it doesn't come close to the satisfaction you'd feel at being able to locate and prosecute the bastage who stole it. While Lenovo has its Lockdown PC Now feature that allows you to remotely disable your lost or stolen laptop via SMS, it lacks GPS to pinpoint your gear's location. Enter Ericsson, who just announced its intent to make its HSPA-capable Mobile Broadband Modules compatible with Intel's Anti-Theft Technology. Ericsson's modules will support remote-SMS disable like Lenovo's slabs but adds GPS to transmit the laptop's location. At least they will once commercial products begin to ship sometime in the second half of 2009.

P.S. To all thieves and malcontents: just because we gave you a picture of the module above doesn't mean you're allowed to remove it and disable the service. Not cool.