Popcorn Hour's WN-100 dongle brings WiFi to your A-100, A-110 or B-110

Generally speaking, it's tough to find someone who doesn't love their Popcorn Hour media streamer. Not to say everything's perfectly kosher, however, as the lack of internal WiFi is a niggle that many cord haters have found inexcusable. Curiously enough, we heard back in May that the outfit was preparing a new trio of streamers, and one of 'em was destined to have WiFi built-in; we're still waiting on that unit, but Popcorn Hour is more than happy to give the option of retrofitting. The WN-100 is a draft-N WiFi adapter that adopts MIMO technology, supports 64- / 128-bit WEP encryption (along with WPA / WPA2, etc.) and comes sporting with a $37 price tag. Or, you can snag the A-110 with WN-100 bundle and save a whopping two bucks from buying separately.

[Thanks, AFB]