Orascom flips on 3G network in North Korea

North Korea can't even figure out how to sufficiently feed all of its citizens, yet Kim Jong Il and his comrades are about to read this on 3G speeds while throwing back a fifth of SoCo and catching a pirated Bollywood flick on BetaMax. Egypt's Orascom Telecom is about to flip the switch on the first 3G network in the nation, which was announced back in May. The outfit is expected to invest a staggering $400 million building it out over the next three years, thought it's expected to really only benefit the evil elite. Too bad it's easier to get out of a maximum security prison than it is to hop a flight into Pyongyang and see if this is more than some elaborate hoax to show the world how much life in the Hermit Kingdom is improving.

[Via textually]