Sony loads music and movies onto MicroVault Click USB drives, can't locate any buyers

Gee, Sony. We wonder how well this initiative will go over. In fact, we wonder what bigwig signs off on such a blatantly bad idea? In case you missed the memo, selling overpriced music on flash drives is not the next big thing in content delivery, though in fairness, we will give you the movie side due to file size limitations alone. All rants aside, Sony has just introduced new pre-loaded MicroVault Click USB drives, and the first three include Michael Jackson's Thriller (2GB; $19.99), The Da Vinci Code (4GB; $29.99) and Men In Black (4GB; $29.99). What's odd is that the outfit doesn't bother sharing how much free space is left for other uses, nor are we told that the likely DRM-laced material can be exported elsewhere in order to liberate memory on the stick. In other words, we'll pass. Gladly.

[Via CNET]