Dell Studio XPS 13 leather-wrapped laptop revealed, Adamo info leaked!

Thanks to a totally amazing Engadget source, we've gotten our hands on photos of the absolutely sick Dell Studio XPS 13, and some new info about the company's forthcoming Adamo. First off, the photos in the gallery are of that Studio XPS we caught wind of way back in August. The pics we saw back then don't really do the laptop justice, as you can tell by these snaps. Meanwhile, that rumored Adamo is very much real, and very much like what we've been hearing. Apparently the device -- which the company plans to market as the "world's thinnest laptop" -- was slated to be released this month, but has been pushed back till at least February. The Adamo will sport a black and silver color scheme similar to the system you see here, but is "different," and we're told that it's most definitely Dell's play to nab some of that MacBook Air marketshare. We're working on some photos of that, but until those come through, enjoy the gallery below!