Google secretly crafts Android codename "cupcake," fixes and features aplenty

Okay, so right here: this is where Android starts to get awesome. The platform is being hacked and developed at a blistering pace that closed operating systems can only dream of, and to top it all off, Google's now gifted the world with a bunch of changes it had been developing in secrecy in a private branch called "cupcake." Why "cupcake," you ask? We're not sure, but given the list of fixes and additions we're seeing here, we can only assume it has something to do with how tasty it's going to be once it gets rolled into a shipping firmware. For starters, it rolls in circa-November WebKit code and significantly boosts browsing performance, fixes a novel's worth of issues with the email app, and -- wait for it -- adds support for stereo Bluetooth. Of course, we're at the mercy of T-Mobile and HTC for getting this onto retail G1s, so it really makes a strong case for picking up a Dev Phone 1, doesn't it?

[Via Android Community, thanks Ben F.]