Klipsch's Icon V speakers get tested, deliver on movies and gaming

Steven Kim
S. Kim|12.18.08

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Steven Kim
December 18, 2008 4:00 PM
Klipsch Icon V speakers
The Klipsch Icon V speakers were created in cooperation with Best Buy, so of course the big blue and yellow box has them on its shelves, but Audioholics put them to the test to see how they fared in a more real-world setting, away from the car stereos and boomboxes. The review was pretty favorable overall -- in home, the speakers pumped out a lively sound that was a treat for movies and games, but the the horn-loaded tweeters plus a lean midrange weren't exactly a ticket to sonic bliss when listening to music at louder volumes. Still, build quality was solid, and at least you can listen to these in an everyday store (you do stop by Best Buy every day, right?), so let your own ears be the judge. Just make sure that what jumps off the shelves as "detailed and extended" doesn't wind up "screechy and fatiguing" to you in the long run.
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