Ofcom's road to Freeview HD gets explained

We'll warn you -- if you venture down to the full story on this one, you'll be wading knee-deep in some fairly technical hoopla. That said, those interested in exactly how Ofcom plans to get Freeview HD up and rolling when the 2012 digital switchover occurs in the UK will certainly find it of interest. As the story goes, the first three Freeview HD channels (BBC, ITV and Channel 4) are expected to go live in late 2009 when the Winter Hill transmitter is switched to digital-only. There are a grand total of six multiplexes to work with, and Ofcom has it planned to shuffle things around and use the now-empty PSB3 for high-def content. Sadly, the story ends with you needing a new set-top-box to digest the new signals, but hey, at least you can keep the same antenna. More technobabble awaits you in the read link.