Portland, Oregon's KATU booted from DISH Network

Oh, geez. Yet another cat fight akin to something you'd see on a third-grade playground between a greedy broadcast station and a greedy carrier. Portland, Oregon's KATU -- which can be received for free over-the-air -- has been dropped from DISH Network. A message on the station's website informs citizens that it had "been in negotiations with DISH in an attempt to reach a new agreement," but sadly, "those negotiations have not yet been successful." You now the story by now -- said station asserts that the carrier charges users a fee for access, and so rightfully, some of that fee should trickle back to the channel. The carrier, on the other hand, reckons that carriage should be free since it can easily be obtained by locals via an OTA antenna. We'll keep you posted on any developments, but until then, it's OTA or bust (or DirecTV / cable, to be honest) for resident DISH customers.

[Thanks, Lance and Jonny]