Engadget Holiday Party / Reader meetup lineblog!

Okay, we had no idea we'd have to liveblog this, but we're setting up for the meetup tonight and there are already six people in line. Four hours early. In the rain and snow. In other words -- yeah, this sucker is still on, and we're going to rock it. We'll be updating as company reps get here and start setting up, check it out after the break, along with all the info you need to brave the elements and party with us tonight.

We're working on setting up the Ovi slideshow, peep the last set of line pics after the break and check back in a few for the live streaming action!

We gave them their giftbags a little early.

3:15PM EST: Yep, there are already people in line. FYI, the entrance is on 9th Ave, not 16th Street.

3:42PM EST: Cesar from ZuneInsider is here and working furiously -- hmm, wonder what kind of phone he's got...

3:51PM EST: Josh just rolled in with a report that there are now 20 (!) people in line. Craziness!

3:55PM EST: A random reader just wandered in through the loading dock and asked us where the party is. We did not give him a microSD card.

4:17PM EST: The line grows, even though it's basically raining ice pellets. People are huddling for warmth, and we've seen a couple collective group coffee runs.

4:40PMEST: Phil Torrone and the MAKE guys just got here, they're setting up -- we hear they've got a little surprise in store for us later.

PT and Josh reminiscing about 2600 magazine.

5:01PM EST: The line's down the block, it's getting dark, and people are ready to get down. Josh and I are about to go hype up the crowd a little bit, we're all super excited.

5:12PM EST: Nokia's here, with a ton of cool stuff to play with!

5:21PM EST: The line outside's turned the corner, it's cold, but spirits are high. We promise, tons of free stuff will warm everyone right up.

5:28PM: Paul Miller has arrived! He is threatening to perform a song called "The Lament of Ryan Block" in his best Taylor Swift voice.

5:40PM EST: The lights have been turned down -- just about an hour to go! The Ovi people should be here soon, uploading in real time -- we might switch over to them when that happens.

6:45PM EST: The line is around the building, and things inside are at full tilt. We're checking out for now -- be sure to hit up out live party stream post in a few!


This is it! The Engadget reader meetup / holiday party is happening tonight in New York City! All of the information you need is below, but we'd like to stress a few points:

  • The venue capacity has a limit, so make sure you get there early, and plan to wait in a bit of a line.

  • It is snowing like crazy in New York -- so please bundle up and come prepared for the elements! We'll do everything we can to move people inside as quickly as possible, and there's a coat check at the venue for your heavier gear.

  • Bring your ID! Without it, you can't get in!

And the rest of the details about the event:

  • We're giving away tens of thousands of dollars in gear! Including...

  • SanDisk 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB microSD cards for the first 200 people through the door!

  • Free food, and free drink tickets for the first 500 people

  • Live Q&A session with Engadget editors

  • Music for the evening will be provided by Justin VanDerVolgen (of !!! and Outhud)

  • The event is 18 TO ENTER / 21 TO DRINK, AND YOU MUST BRING AN ID. ADMISSION IS FREE. Sorry younger readers, but we'll do a follow-up all ages event soon!

  • The venue capacity tops out at a tiny bit over 1000, so you if you're coming, be sure to get there early!

When: Friday, December 19th, 7:00PM to 12:00AM
Where: Hiro Ballroom, 371 W. 16th St., New York, NY. 10011

You can discuss plans for the event on Facebook here.

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