Lumicure claims to be making progress in using OLEDs to treat skin cancer

The folks at Lumicure have been talking up OLEDs as a potential tool to treat skin cancer for a few years now and, while they still don't exactly have a whole lot to show for themselves, they're now claiming that they're making "excellent progress," and that they actually hope to have a product on the market by the fourth quarter of 2009. That progress is apparently due in large part to the $5 million in funding they received earlier this year although, again, they don't seem to be saying how that money is being put to use. The basic technology, first shown off more than two years ago, consists of a band-aid-type device that's connected to a battery, which lets the patient wear the device all day long, and is apparently more cost-effective and less painful than other methods of treatment. Apparently, the company is so pleased with its progress that it's already starting to focus on its next target: acne.

[Via, image courtesy LEDs Magazine]