Wazabee autostereoscopic overlays bring glasses-free 3D to iPhone, ultraportables

While the engineers at Cupertino may or may not be toiling away on a 3D operating system, the gurus at Spatial View definitely are... in a manner of speaking, anyway. The company, which prides itself on making products "for creating 3D effects," is bringing a new trio to MacWorld 2009. First up is the Wazabee 3DeeShell, which is detailed as "a special protective skin with an integrated removable lens that can display 3D content on the Apple iPhone." On deck is the 3DeeFlector, an "autostereoscopic overlay for the MacBook Air and other 13.3-inch notebooks," which supposedly brings eye-popping visuals (and headaches, we'd imagine) to your ultraportable without the need for humiliating glasses. Finally, the Wazabee 19-inch Gaming Display will probably go head-to-head with the IZ3D, though a frighteningly light amount of details are currently available. One's things for sure out of all this -- three-dee is the future, y'all.