Engadget reviews the PS3 wireless chatpad

Engadget got their hands on the recently released PS3 wireless chatpad peripheral and they seem to have mixed feelings about it. They were generally happy with typing aspects of the keypad, although they felt the buttons were a bit small and they didn't provide enough tactile feedback. On the other hand, the touchpad functionality was said to be lacking precision and "just doesn't work very well." In summary, the peripheral is perfect for those of you who are typing away all day on your PS3, but the $50 price tag is simply too expensive in their opinion. Take a look their full review here.

Oh, and the best part of the review? Their picture gallery which includes a comparison picture (as seen above) with the infamously complex Atari Jaguar controller.

Update: A tip from the PS Nation about calibration:
1. Go to Internet Browser
2. Activate Touch pad (the hand with index finger pointing)
3. Hold blue and orange shoulder buttons for 2 seconds until the light flashes
Now your touch pad should be calibrated. ENJOY!