Gizmondo misses its 2008 resurrection

We didn't expect the biggest news of 2008 to hit so late in the year. Folks, we've got some bad, bad news for you: the Gizmondo is not making its 2008 rebirth as originally planned. We'll give you time to let that sink in. The culprit, according to co-founder Carl Freer (you know, the one who isn't a felon), is the global economy. To be sure, GIzmondo still lives and is expected to come in two mobile OS variants,Windows CE and Android, and as such the device will still be usable as a phone.

Although not officially priced, it will not come out for the onetime-announced $99. Said Freer, "The simple reason [is] that it costs more to by from OEM's than if you have a large manufacturer who can build everything from scratch." Fear not, true believers, the Gizmondo will rise again ... someday.

[Via Engadget]