CNET takes a shine to Vizio's java-flavored VOJ370F LCD TV

Rack another one up for Vizio, the brand that keeps finding ways to resonate with consumers in its marketing move upstream. CNET put the java-toned VOJ370F model to the test and came away quite pleased, thank you very much. Sure, the 1080p pixel count is largely empty resolution, but a rich set of inputs both behind the panel and on the side, and image adjustments scored smileys from the editors. Best of all, the unit turned in good grayscale performance and the colors stayed accurate even when the backlight was turned down. To top it all off, the Vizio fared pretty well across the board in its cagematch with similar models from Panasonic, Hitachi and Sony. Hit the link for the details, or just go ahead and pick one of these up.

[Via TVSnob]