Dell's AC Adapter for "Adamo Thirteen" is 45 Watts of bland

You know what's sexy? Ultraportables. You know what usually isn't? Their power adapters. Dell's keeping things way on the conservative side here with this "Adamo Thirteen" 45W AC Adapter -- in fact, we'd say this is the exact same adapter we've gotten with every Dell laptop in the past few years or so, other than the miniscule wattage. The part popped up on Dell's site just recently, and while Dell seems to have pulled to Adamo reference, Google cache still remembers the good times. What is perhaps interesting here is the seeming confirmation of the product name that the laptop will have a 13-inch screen. Not hugely surprising given the competitive landscape here, but we're content to nibble on Adamo info for the time being.

[Thanks, Ryan]