Nintendo sold 1.7 million Wiis last week?

According to some not-quite-official but probably-relatively-accurate numbers from VG Chartz, Nintendo moved 1.7 million Wii units last week. That's a staggering number in its own right, and compared to the now-cheaper Xbox 360 (535,806) and the "hey guys, I'm still here, and I play Blu-ray discs" PlayStation 3 (239,576) it's a pretty commanding lead for Nintendo. The fact that most people in most areas can finally track down a Wii at a retail store for a non-inflated price probably isn't hurting things -- not to mention that really cool bowling game they've heard so much about. We're curious what console you might've picked up for a friend, loved one, family member, or that good looking person in the mirror this holiday season, so hit up the poll below. Then, after you've taken a particularly long sip of egg nog, hit up the video after the break and weep for humanity.

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