HDi streaming technology could open up "virtual cable television" may not have the name recognition in America as does YouTube and Hulu, but its creator could be making a name for himself with the online video portal's underlying technology. Alki David founded FilmOn some three years back, and has since developed an advanced streaming protocol dubbed HDi (no, not that HDi). The technology could eventually be used to deliver high-definition cable TV programming and other video-on-demand options around the globe without any lag or stutter; we're even told that Britons could catch the local news in Iowa if the ideal scenario comes to fruition. So far, David has inked deals with a number of content providers, though only Turner Network Television was specifically named. FilmOn is expected to showcase its "virtual cable television" tech to BT next month, which could certainly accelerate the expansion of HDTV by enabling it to flow over existing internet delivery pipes. Consider our interest markedly piqued, especially for HD-deprived souls overseas.