Sony P-series "netbook" unveiled, underwhelming

Loose lips sink ships, Sony -- not that you'd care. Apparently the company couldn't stand to wait any longer on that long netbook it had been teasing, so it's gone and leaked it out onto the sonystyle site. Apparently, the oddly shaped P-series device will sport an 8-inch, 1600 x 786 LED display, a 1.33GHz Intel CPU, a hard drive up to 60GB (or a 128GB SSD), and will run Vista Home Premium or Home Basic. There's not much else in the way of info, save for the fact that the laptop will be available in three colors (Crimson Red, Champagne Gold, and Black Silk). Not quite the heart-stopper we were hoping for, and knowing Sony, likely not real netbook-ily priced, but still an interesting entry to the ever-widening field of teensy computers. Now if only it ran Linux...

Update: In case it wasn't clear, that's not an image of the P series, but a TT -- obviously a placeholder for now.

[Via jkOnTheRun; Thanks to everyone who sent this in]