Surprise! Retail sales abysmal this holiday season

Perhaps it was a foregone conclusion -- and the Black Friday body count was a rather ominous sign -- but this holiday season, according to some poor sap interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, "retailers went from 'Ho-ho' to 'Uh-oh' to 'Oh-no.'" (Way to make light of a serious issue, guy -- that's our job). Sales are down across the entire retail sector, from luxury goods (including jewelry sales, down 34.5 percent) to electronics and appliances (down 26.7 percent). This is all bad news for the likes of Circuit City, who is operating under Chapter 11 and could use the cash, but great news for bloggers like Business Pundit, who is having a field day with his parodic corporate logos, a few of which can be seen above. You know what they say: when life gives you lemons...

[Thanks, Agustin; image courtesy of Business Pundit]