3M MPro110 / Optoma PK101 pico projectors get dissected

Sure, we frequently come across gizmos so small that tweezers and eyeglass repair kits are needed to dissect 'em, but rarely are those gadgets projectors. With the new wave of minuscule beamers comes a new kind of tear down, and Tech-On has taken the time to split apart and photograph both the 3M MPro110 and Optoma PK101. The splaying gets pretty detailed, too, with us being informed of two large LSIs on the former (one from Weltrend; one from TI) and a hard look at the LEDs of the latter. Have a peek at the writeups and accompanying images below, and see just how long you can go without uttering an "aww" -- we'll bet it's not long at all.

Read - 3M tear down
Read - Optoma tear down