Cisco to invade homes next year with new wireless music streamer

After slowly sneaking its branding onto its Linksys devices, and welcoming us to the non-defined "Human Network" with ubiquitous GE-style feel good advertising (above), Cisco is finally ready to make a real play for our hearts and pocketbooks with a new wireless audio streamer -- among other consumer-friendly products -- to be unveiled at CES next week. The products so far are vaguely defined, but it seems like a Sonos-type device in the cards, with a video streamer for use with a TV (and that handy Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem) and eventually a TV-based videoconferencing device both in development. The latter would be a full-HD setup, in the vein of the company's $40k+ Telepresence rooms currently available to corporations and inexplicably rich comic book heroes, but dramatically cheaper of course. Unfortunately, that won't be available for a year or two, and in the meantime we'll have yet another vaguely useful media streamer on our hands -- we can't wait!