iriver's $40 T5 USB stick-style audio player unboxed and reviewed

iriver's T5 was launched and forgotten in one fell swoop, but with a starting price of under $40 for the 2GB edition, it's at least worth a look, right? Critics over at Pocketables were able to secure one of the USB stick-styled devices for review, and they even bothered to host up a plethora of unboxing / hands-on shots for those keenly interested. Size wise, the unit is just marginally smaller than your average USB WWAN modem, and while the minuscule OLED display wasn't much to look at, it sure trumped those screen-less rivals. Under pressure, the stick delivered "surprisingly good sound quality," and while the device overall didn't bring anything fantastically fresh to the table, the inbuilt USB jack, integrated display and excellent audio capabilities made it a pretty good option for the gym. 'Course, there are formidable alternatives out there (Sansa Clip, anyone?), so we'd recommend giving the linked review a closer look before breaking out the plastic.