LG Display plans to melt eyes with Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV

Seriously, there's only so much picture improving you can do before the law of diminishing returns demands some recognition. While Sony just spent boatloads creating an over-the-top advertisement for its largely unimpressive 240Hz Motionflow technology, LG Display is laughing all the way to Vegas with its Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV. Set to debut at CES 2009, said panel will boast a four-millisecond response time and an unprecedented 480 refresh rate per second. Curiously, we're not informed of the screen size nor the resolution, so we could theoretically run into a 9-inch 320 x 240 display and be totally underwhelmed. On the real, the outfit is expected to launch the world's first Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV panel in the second half of next year, but we're just about to lay down good money that Sony or Samsung accelerates development in order to beat it to the punch. Full release is after the break.

LG Display Unveils the World's First "Trumotion 480Hz" LCD TV Panel

TV Panel Featuring Impressive 4ms Motion Picture Response Time to be Demonstrated at CES 2009

SEOUL, Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE--LG Display (NYSE:LPL, KRX:034220), a leading innovator of TFT-LCD technology, announced today that it has developed the world's first "Trumotion 480Hz" LCD TV panel, which has an impressive 480 refresh rate per second, accelerating the advent of ultra high-speed images, without sacrificing picture quality.

LG Display's 'scanning backlight' is the technology that enables a backlight to be repeatedly turned on and off to reduce motion blur. When combined with the company's 240 Hz technology, the display can refresh 480 images per second.

In addition, LG Display's "Trumotion 480Hz" display boasts an lower motion picture response time (MPRT)of 4ms, eliminating motion blurring for fast moving images and enabling a realistic, crystal clear picture. The display also makes dark images even darker and bright images far brighter - providing unparalleled, vivid picture quality. Moreover, it can reduce energy consumption by adjusting the backlight brightness.

"The world's first Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV panel is planned to hit the market in the second half of 2009. LG Display will provide its customers with unique, high-end products while delivering crisp picture quality for fast moving images," noted Mr. Eddie Yeo, Executive Vice President and Head of LG Display TV Business Unit.

LG Display will showcase its newest cutting-edge display technologies featuring improved motion picture response time (MPRT), eco-friendly displays and more in a private room at the Bellagio Hotel during the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2009.