LG's magical GD910 wrist phone packs touchscreen, camera and rainbows

It was deliciously inevitable that a watch phone would eventually show up that could actually "pack it all in," and it looks like LG has actually accomplished that feat in its LG-GD910 model. Of note, the phone packs a touchscreen LCD, 3G data, and a built-in camera for videoconferencing and being a general badass. Sure, browsing to your favorite gadget blog might be a tad bit difficult on that 1.43-inch screen, and there's always the question of fashion, but those are minor quibbles -- the real question is where can we get one, and for how much. LG should be showing this off at CES next month (it showed off a predecessor this January), and plans to release it in Japan and Europe, but we've got a couple of cereal box-delivered 2-way wrist radios crossed behind our backs in hopes for a US berth.

[Via Electronista]