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The 'Kissing Octopus' flash drive: perfect for your clingy significant other

The T806 Kissing Octopus Flash Drive from A-DATA may not be the greenest or the highest capacity flash drive we've seen to date, but it may darn well be the cutest. Just announced as a winner of an iF Design Award, this 8-legged drive comes in light pink and sky blue hues, and 2 / 4 / 8GB varieties. The two-piece contraption consists of the octopus body as well as the USB / nose part, which has a magnetic end which can be used to make a pair of octopuses a couple (or be used to stick love notes to metal surfaces as pictured above). The 4GB version can be yours now for around $65 -- a little steep for a bit of mushiness -- but at least you'll have something other than a boring dozen roses when February 14th rolls around.