The Quattro 6000D: this ain't your grandmomma's sewing machine

The latest piece of tech in the war on grandmas has gotta be Brother's Quattro 6000D sewing machine, a beastly machine with specs that will help even the most diligent granny patch up those quilts or ripped teddies more efficiently. Once you get past the huge 50 square inch workspace, you'll notice the 4.5 x 7-inch Sharp HD LCD display and embedded runway lighting. Brother's "InnovEye" and "Up-Close Viewer" technology places a camera right next to the needle to give the user a birds-eye view on the LCD to allow perfect placement before stitching. Advanced embroidery features and built-in tutorials should certainly mitigate any mishaps, and should you get the urge to plug every flash drive you own into it, there are 3 USB ports. From our perspective, it looks like the hardest part will be getting this monster home from the store and finding a place to store it -- and what to attack with embroidered flowers first. No word on price or release date yet, but there are a few more glamor shots after the break.