Jaybird releases 2009 Bluetooth Stereo Claws, earbuds, and more

Laura June Dziuban
L. Dziuban|12.31.08

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Jaybird releases 2009 Bluetooth Stereo Claws, earbuds, and more

Jaybird's just unleashed their products for 2009, with updates for their athlete-targeted A2DP Bluetooth Stereo Claws. The new ones (which look exactly the same as their previous models) feature apt-X audio compression, giving these puppies a high sound quality the company says will "rivaling wired" ones, plus new tips for sound isolation and a modified design to fit a wider range of ears. The company's also rolling out new metal-cased Tiger Eyes earbuds and over ear Acoustic Dens. We don't have any word on pricing for this stuff, but we'll get an up-close gander at them at CES and they should be available in April... when our Go-Go's-infused work outs should get a little more high def. Check out the other two products after the break.

Update: Just got word that the company will release all three of the above with tweaked product names, and we also got the pricing info: Freedom Wireless Headphones will run you $129.99, the Tiger Eyes Earbuds will be $99.99, and the Endorphin Earphones will also be $99.99

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