Lenovo's ThinkPad W700ds photographed and reviewed

Though a few lucky souls have already wrapped their paws around Lenovo's completely unorthodox W700ds, the dual-screened machine has yet to undergo a proper review... until now. Laptop Mag found the rig to be expectedly dominant in all the right areas, with a ridiculous graphics performance and a stunning display. Yeah, display. As in, singular. The main 17-inch panel was nothing short of stupendous, though the pull-out 10.6-inch LCD was said to be "significantly duller and dimmer." Additionally, the vertical orientation wasn't well suited for much of anything outside of sidebar applications (chat boxes, Photoshop toolbars, etc.), but you probably knew that already, didn't you? All told, the W700ds wasn't deemed the best value in the world with an anticipated price point of around $5,000, but those with highly specialized needs might just pay the premium to make their dreams come true.