Pre-order Killzone 2, get the demo or a theme for your PS3

We already know Amazon is offering some exclusive skins for your avatar in Home if you pre-order Killzone 2 from the popular online retailer. Looks like Gamestop and Best Buy wants in on some of that pre-order action, too -- reserving your copy at Gamestop will grant you access to an exclusive demo of the game that begins on February 3rd while patronizing Best Buy will yield you an exclusive PS3 theme. Strangely, Best Buy's pre-order page makes no mention of the complimentary theme [Update: Actually, the free theme from Best Buy is mentioned here], but a promotional e-mail from Sony does.

So, which pre-order goody seems the most enticing to you?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Source -- Gamestop Killzone 2 pre-order
Source -- Best Buy Killzone 2 pre-order via PSN e-mail