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Android installed and running on an Eee PC in a matter of hours

While Windows may be more popular than Linux when it comes to netbooks for a variety of reasons, price certainly isn't one of them. We don't know whether it's peoples' fear of the unknown or just the awful UI facades typically used to hide the open-source alternative, but a lot of people are hoping that Android could sweep in and offer a third choice -- someday. Not content to wait, a couple of freelancers at VentureBeat (who also run a startup called Mobile-facts) spent a few hours tweaking Google's (Linux-based) OS to run on ASUS hardware and, thanks to the availability of open-source drivers for all the wee thing's wee devices, were up and running in no time. Mind you, the giant buttons and simplistic UI seem more suited to a G1 than an S10, but it surely wouldn't take long to fix that. So, the only question now is when will a manufacturer step up and announce Android out of the box? There's a little electronics show coming up soon, so maybe we'll hear more there.

[Via Engadget German]