Internet media viewing on TVs set to surge by 2013

So, here's an interesting take. ABI Research is forecasting that the amount of online programs watched on the TV (as in, not on the computer monitor) will grow from 563 million viewers in 2008 to 941 million by 2013. There's no doubt that web-based content is catching on, though we suspect it'll need to be easily piped to the traditional television set for those in past generations to really take it seriously. To that end, it's anticipated that operators as well as console manufacturers and the like will make it increasingly easier to access internet TV via Netflix, Hulu and related portals. Can you imagine a day when your favorite programs, even NFL games, are beamed directly to a website that's easily accessible via a web-to-TV liaison such as the ZvBox? We know, bandwidth is a serious issue, but the concept alone should be enough to make traditional MSOs sweat.

[Via VideoBusiness, image courtesy of ZatzNotFunny]