Krueger Audio promises instrumental speaker designs at CES

Without a doubt, loudspeaker design leaves a lot of room for new ideas (especially at the high end), and the disadvantages of typical box-like enclosures have been recognized for a long time now. Curvy shapes are not new, and at CES, Kruger Audio Technologies will toss its hat into the ring with designs that mimic instrumental shapes. If the unique form isn't enough to win you over, how about the added feature of indirect sunlight and rain resistance? Seriously, avoiding diffraction effects and standing waves is all well and good, but getting overly literal -- with a saxophone-like shape, for instance -- only holds up if you only listen to saxophones. We're not saying that the Krueger speakers won't sound great and aren't well-designed, but let's give engineers their due and not confuse a specific instrument shape with an audio panacea, okay?