Macworld '09: a show of no-shows

With Phil doing the honors, nobody really thought Apple was planning on revolutionizing anything this morning -- sure, there were plenty of rumors, like always, but most people weren't expecting the moon. What we were expecting, however, was for Apple to come clean on a few things, so bear with us as we file this missing persons report.

Notably absent:

  • Push notifications. This was supposed to roll out in September and is sorely needed.

  • Snow Leopard. Last June Apple said the OS was due in "about a year," so we would expect to start hearing a bit more about it -- or at least notification of a delay.

Woulda been nice:

Dodged a bullet (for now):

  • iPhone nano. Our hands aren't getting any smaller, and this SimCity isn't gonna get plumbing all on its own.

  • iTablet. Sure, it's been every Newton-head's dream since forever, but that doesn't mean the market for a UMPC-ish iPod touch-like device is there just yet.

Yeah, Apple doesn't have to do anything -- in fact, that yearly grind of expectation is probably one of the reasons the company is bowing out of Macworld altogether -- but would it really be too much trouble to at least drop some verbiage on some of this stuff? Just wondering, is all. Oh, and in case you're more of a visual type, Apple's video of the keynote is now online, hit up the read link for all the non-action.