Powermat hands-on

Remember the Powermat? Unlike other induction-based "wireless power" contraptions we've seen, this one came out earlier this year as total vaporware and has now resurfaced as a collaborative effort by Michigan-based HoMedics Powermat North America (HPNA). We finally got a chance to see it work in person and, much to our surprise, it seems to have delivered on its promised... at least in part. We saw three pads that touched base with six different mediators for charging various cell phones, laptops, and handheld games. The devices magnetically "lock on" to the mats and a light comes on to indicate its working. The rep told us devices charge just as fast with the mat as they would via the traditional "plug" method, but it's not like we waited around long enough to see for ourselves. No price or date, but we're a lot more excited about it knowing this thing might actually work. We're hearing some more interesting developments will be shown off later this week, from both Powermat as well as a few of the other companies here showcasing wireless power technology, which we'll be keeping an eye out for. Hit up the gallery for some sexy recharging imagery.